Challenge 1 From "workmanship management of completed products" to "control management"

We have realized "visualization of processing conditions" to demonstrate the validity of the process design and move away from the workmanship management of products.

Servo Hyper Bender

By incorporating a servo motor in our pipe bending machines, we are now able to set processing conditions tailored to various pipes, such as the quality of the material and thickness.

Also, we store the processing data of each product to ensure traceability in case any problem is found in a workpiece.

Watch videos of our Servo Hyper Bender in action

Our new equipment reflects our commitment to taking on challenges.

It represents our shift away from the traditional approach of responding to defects by feeding information back to the manufacturing process, and to a new approach of finding defects based on errors identified by a control system.

Instead of just searching for the optimal processing conditions, we analyze the mechanism behind the occurrence of a defect mode to reduce setup errors by operators, and also to realize processing conditions that do not depend on personal experience but are backed by solid data.

However, processing conditions cannot be maintained only with the basics and foundation of stable production.
To maintain manufacturing technologies, you must be able to maintain metal molds and equipment that serve as their foundation.
By providing ongoing education and training on maintenance to support the basics and foundation of stable production, control management can become a permanent technology.

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